Our holiday

We are just home from our family holiday, a week on the Haven site Golden sands in Mablethorpe, Just outside of skegness.

We arrived later Saturday afternoon after a long 7 hour 😩 journey with 4 bored kids in the car. We had been Uber prepared for the journey, lots of dvds for the little ones, pads filled with films for the older ones and an abundance of snacks. To be honest I was a little smug that I was so prepared, so much so that I’d bragged to a friend the day before we left that it was going to be the easiest journey ever…..rookie mistake!!!

First we had to stop for Poppy as in her words she was “absolutely bursting on a wee”(she didn’t actually need…chancer), we then fell behind our convoy and got stuck behind slow driving lorries….1 hour later we were freed from our slow driving misery and carried on. By this point Miss Tilly was in no way interested in being in the car any longer so kicked off with unimaginable fury to the point where I had to switch with my stepdaughter Evie and sit in the back of the car with her….not so smug when i have 0% leg room and a needy child grabbing at me for the next 5 hours! 2 more separations from the convoy, a very needed stop for an ice cream and we made it….thank goodness!!

This was our second trip to golden sands, we really loved the site mainly for its cleanliness and great options for the children.

Although I felt our caravan was a little dated and could have probably done with a spruce( not quite sure why they put carpet in caravans when you don’t have a hoover), We were as always pleased with the cleanliness on arrival and were close enough to our families caravans that the children could run back and forth safely. We were also close enough to the park, swimming pool and arcade which meant we were not burdened with long walks with little children and due to the lovely weather we were able to make the most of the outdoor pool, a little drop of abroad but with a much warmer pool 😂.

I have one negative which I suppose in the grand scheme of things is pretty good overall….my husband and I went out to Dinner at the site restaurant along with my brother, sister and their other half’s and we didn’t have a great experience. The food wasn’t great and the service we received was really poor from start to finish, however when we raised our concerns the manager on shift he was very apologetic and offered us a couple of free drinks. A couple of us returned the next night for a few drinks and although the service was pretty slow we enjoyed it.

Overall I would really rate this site for families and will definitely recommend it to friends in future. We had a really lovely week topped off with fantastic weather and great company.

We are all pretty gutted to be home but hey….that’s the sign of a good holiday I suppose. Thank you for reading and keep eyes peeled for my next post.

Nikki ❤️

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