My Stepchildren ❤️

I have recently had some messages on my page asking why I don’t share pictures of my stepchildren’s faces so I thought I would explain….

When dealing with anything to do with my stepchildren I like to imagine what I would find acceptable or unacceptable if I was sharing my children with another women. I have always stuck to the mindset “how would I feel?” So when it comes to my Instagram page and blog I have to respect that I am not their mum and that she may not appreciate her children being on a public page…to be honest I didn’t even ask her if she would mind I just decided outright that I wasn’t going to share pictures of their faces because I wouldn’t appreciate someone sharing pictures of my children that wasn’t me or my husband. Now this does not mean I don’t want to post about them because I would love to. We share 50/50 custody so they are a huge part of our lives.

The rule in our house is the “no half’s rule”, this means we don’t use the word “half” when describing our brother and sisters, we disagree with the term as we feel it implies they have less of a bond. They have our whole heart so why would we say half?

I will continue to share our life on this blog and will include them in a way I find acceptable and respectful.

Much love to all the stepparents out their doing their best ❤️

Thank you for reading

Nikki ❤️❤️

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