Terrible 2’s

Yes it has hit…the dreaded terrible 2’s!!!

What is this? Why does it happen?…..I’m not about to inform you of the scientific, biological, child developmental reasons, I’m genuinely asking WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?

Luckily the terrible 2’s were never really that terrible with Poppy, I always felt she was pretty easy….was I smug? Yeah a little, ok a lot! Well that smugness brought karma….also known as little miss Tilly to my door!!!

(Don’t be fooled by this super cute photo…..she slapped me shortly after 😂)

There is no middle ground with Tilly, she is either happy or she is not, the only consistent thing about her is her scream….I can’t even begin to describe it, it’s so far past high pitched not even dogs can hear it. I’ve been told that she screams because she can’t quite vocalise her emotions yet….is this also why she hits me full pelt in the face if I say no to ANYTHING?

Does the naughty step/spot work for nearly 2 year olds? Does it work at all? Is it tried and tested by anyone other than supernanny and her featured families? Do you have something that works for your family that isn’t just selling her on to the highest bidder…..I’m obviously joking!

I want to hear from you, what did you do with your little ones? Real, honest advise please, head back to Instagram and comment on the post or send me a DM, once I have tried the advice given I will do a repeat blog post about my findings 😃

Hopefully the findings can help me and other mums and dads power through this tougher time of parenthood 🤞🏻

Thank you for reading

Nikki ❤️

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