A parents must buy

The Perfect fit EasyMat

On Friday night Helen over at EasyTots released her brand new must have product, the Perfect fit EasyMat, by Saturday morning she had kindly sent us one to try and review.

First of all let me explain why I needed a product like this…..

Little miss Tilly, as gorgeous and sweet as she is, can be an absolute little terror at times(mainly meal times). Once she has decided she is done with something her solution is to the throw it full pelt across the room, taking its entire contents with it.

When she isn’t throwing her plate like a frisbee she often finds it difficult to gather things on to a fork or spoon without the plate or bowl scooting around her high chair and she doesn’t have a huge amount of patience so it doesn’t often end well, mainly for me.

I actually couldn’t wait to test it out so popped her straight in for the “pull” test and was not disappointed….

For a child thats used to lifting and throwing all in sight it was comedy gold to see her being unable to pry it from the tray. She gave it a good couple of minutes before giving up and asking for more food….that’s a win I would say.

Not only is the EasyMat near impossible for little fingers to get off the tray, the plate itself is really sturdy, I can fill the compartments before transferring over to the high chair, with minimal effort which was my main concern.

Because of its fun design Tilly loves to imitate the huge smile ๐Ÿ˜, it keeps her focused on her food which she had a problem with before and has definitely made mealtimes easier for me and fun for Tilly. It comes in 3 colours, buttercup, olive and ours which is cool grey.

I honestly cannot recommend this product enough and so glad we got the chance to try it out. Head over to amazon to pick up yours now or grab one directly from http://www.easytots.com

Thank you for reading


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