My baby turns 2

So tomorrow my youngest and last baby turns 2….

This time 2 years ago I had checked into hospital to be induced only to be told I’d actually gone into labour myself….thank goodness! I was dreading being induced as I’d heard horror stories. My contractions were nothing like with Poppy who had been back to back, this meant I actually was unsure what to expect.

With Poppy I’d gone in at 4am on a Thursday morning, sent home and didn’t get back into the hospital until the Saturday night and she was born Sunday afternoon….yes that’s 3+ days 😩😩. My contractions, although sore, never really felt too bad, with Tilly however they felt bad, fast.

First selfie with Mummy ❤️

Tilly never caused me one bit of hassle, she followed the birth rules and gave me the joy of my first unassisted birth (I’d had intervention with Poppy and ended up in theatre for a forceps delivery). And to top it off my Mum who had been mine and my sisters birthing partners (along with our husbands) was able to see her first birth without us being whipped to theatre.

My precious Tilly Janie pictured with my sister and best friend Janie ❤️

I couldn’t have prepared myself for the rollercoaster that year was going to bring but I remember always telling myself to take pictures because one day I wouldn’t be suffering (post natal anxiety).

Now I look back and wish I’d seen life for what it was…..amazing, magical and so worth it.

I gave Poppy a little sister, a best friend to share her whole life with just how I do with my sister.

They are truly wonderful together and have been from day dot. I think even though I was struggling I must have done something right for them to be so amazing. I am thankful every day that we chose to have this little ball of love and I wouldn’t change my journey with her for the world.

Mummy’s girl always.

Others may get a look in but she is my sidekick.

Little Miss Tilly you will never truly understand how much you mean to me….you healed me when I was broken my angel.

Thank you for reading


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