The best birthday πŸŽ‰

Welcome back guys…

So saturday was my smallest girls birthday, I can’t quite believe she is 2….2 years seems like such a long time but man it goes fast πŸ™ˆ.

So what do you get a 2 year old? Seriously? I had no idea….she’s too old for those really annoying noisy baby toys(thank goodness) and seems to play along with Poppy’s toys, which made finding something just for her really difficult.

I’d been searching for ideas for a while so when my girls were playing in the garden and Tilly kept gravitating towards Poppy’s scooter I decided right then. She seems really advanced for her age so my husband and I felt it was a great idea to get her own.

Most of our garden play equipment is PlumUK as they have always been great quality and the most reasonably priced so it was my go to from the beginning. I was really unsure what one would be best so I reached out to them for some help, I received a reply almost instantly from a lovely lady called Hollie who was more than happy to help.

We decided to go for the Globber primo fantasy scooter pictured below…..

She was instantly over the moon with it when she saw the picture on the box, as you will have seen if you keep up with my Instagram stories. We were so lucky that it was a nice day so we got it straight out the box for her to try…

My husband is the go to builder of toys in our house so took it out the box to build and was so pleasantly surprised to find all he needed to do was click the main frame to the base and it was ready to go….I mean does it get much better than that?

It has 4 height settings for as she grows which means my need to buy another one is put off until she is 6, which In a house of 4 children is such a bonus.

First setting is the lowest and gets tightened by the clip just below the handle bars, this is the setting Tilly is on right now and is perfect for her height.

It then has 3 subsequent height stops until it is at its highest point.

You can tell from the video that she found it really easy to use straight away. The scooter has a steering lock which means children are able to learn progressively, we thought this was fantastic. By pushing the button on the front of the scooter it can lock the wheels in place, then depressing the button will allow for free steering.

You receive a FREE matching helmet when purchasing this scooter, which we were so please with as good quality helmets can be expensive. And for a child who loves an accessory, especially hats, Tilly was over the moon with it.

The handle bars are made from Strong rubber meaning she is able to keep a really good grip.

It also has a really lovely flower design on the base and flashing wheels….which made Poppy really jealous, I’m so tempted to get her a matching one for her birthday coming up.

It advices on the box of this scooter that it is for 3+ however Tilly has always been advanced for her age and meets the height requirement so for us it was just the best choice.

I honestly could not recommend this product anymore, we have been so pleased not only with the quality of the product by the service we received, which was second to none.

Head over to for a look at these scooters or to take a look in their Summer sale which is on now.

Thank you for reading


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