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Today’s blog is about Sleep, the importance of it in our family, the problems we are having at the moment and how we go about getting our kids to sleep as best they can.

So in our family we have always had generally the same routine for all the children, we are very lucky that my stepchildren’s mum uses the same routine when they are at her house so things have always ran as smoothly as possible.

Our routine starts around 6pm, we start to calm everything down, get the house in order and everything ready for the next day. 6.30 is usually bath/shower time and then quickly into pjs after to either chill for a bit longer or head to bed in Tilly’s case.

Their bedtimes are very spaced given the age differences….Tilly is down by 7/7.15, then poppy at 7.30/7.45, Logan 8.30 and Evie 9pm. Usually after this my husband and I try to catch a little tv but generally one of us ends up dozing off….usually him 😂

I am a sleeper, I have always and always will need a good amount of sleep at night, I mean obviously since having children the amount is shortened given that I can’t just lay in until 11 and leave them to fend for themselves 😂. But for my mental health I have always needed a good sleep, if I go a couple of days without a solid amount of sleep I really start to suffer mentally. Since having kids I have suffered with anxiety which gets heightened with lack of sleep, it’s probably the thing I find most difficult about being a mum.

So with Tilly moving into her “big girl” bed and going into a major sleep regression we were starting to suffer as a family.

Now as parents it is our job to deal with our little ones meltdowns in the night, however given that Tilly and Poppy share a room it meant poor Poppy was facing the brunt of it.

When Panda life Uk offered to send us a child’s memory foam bamboo pillow I jumped at the chance as I thought this was the perfect reward for Poppy, she has been so amazing dealing with a monster Tilly in the night, ignoring her screams and trying her hardest to get back to sleep once woken, she hasn’t once tried to come in beside us or even moaned about the lack of sleep.

It arrived Friday afternoon and she was so excited, even going as far as to ask for bed in the afternoon 😂, what a step up from dreading going to bed due to her being woken so many times.

We are now on Monday and she is still just as excited about bed time….she’s definitely my daughter 😂.

The Pillow has been the perfect gift and has definitely aided her in returning back to sleep every-time she is woken, I mean I put my head down on it and had to get up to avoid dozing off.

I never really thought about the importance of a good pillow…here’s a little more into on this great one ❤️

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial which helps to protect against skin irritation and allergies. Making the Panda Pillow suitable for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite.

Temperature regulating technology will keep the pillow cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is all thanks to the highly breathable bamboo cover which keeps the air flowing

Bamboo is a sustainable resource which is one of the world’s fastest and densely growing plants. Bamboo uses 1/3 of water to other plants.

I was also gifted a little bamboo eye mask which is just amazing, with Tilly moving into the big girl bed I’ve been leaving the hall light on in case she gets up and wanders, this bugs the hell out of me as I need it pitch black to fall asleep.

Here is the link if you would like to have a little browse of their site, go get your own….it’s totally worth it ❤️

Thank you for reading ❤️


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