Love is in the air ❤️

Hey guys

Thanks for coming back and having a read.

Today’s blog is about our date night ❤️

We were really kindly sent a date box from a company called Cupid box dates who you will find on Instagram under the tag @cupidboxdates, I will also link their website at the bottom of the blog, they asked me to use the date box with my husband and review honestly for them.

I was so keen to give it a try but when I first mentioned it to Darren he was a little sceptical…he thought it was going to be all lovey dovey stuff that would feel forced rather than in the moment… he was so wrong!I’m not sure if the overall aim of the box is to be lovey dovey but for us it was actually so much more than that.

The next part of the blog will contain some spoilers but I won’t reveal everything as feel you should really just go sign up and check it out yourself.

When I first opened the box I spotted the candle straight away, as parents of young people we don’t tend to buy candles so i got a little excited at the prospect of lighting one that’s not just destined to be splattered with saliva on a birthday cake 😂.

As you can see from the picture the theme of the box was Paris.

Our first activity of the box(and my favourite part) was to write something we love about each other on 3 of these little cards and then hide them, over the next month (or 1 day like me if you have no patience and went looking for them 🙈 )you will find them in places when you least expect it. We both agreed this was a really lovely thing to do and have decided to carry it on.

We loved the fact there was a puzzle to do and where we would normally bicker at each other for doing something wrong we just got the giggles at the fact darren’s big hands couldn’t slot the pieces together 😂, it took us a little longer than we thought it would as the instructions in the puzzle are a little vague but it made for more giggles every time we slotted a piece in the wrong place. I won’t reveal the finished puzzle 😛!

There are 4 activities in the box along with a tasty treat for us to make which meant that the date actually lasted over 2 nights due to our slowness at that puzzle. 2 date nights for the price of 1 😍😍.

Each activity is different from the last but fits in really well with the theme.


We don’t often spend time together that’s not us both slumped in front of the tv, heads in phones and hands in a share bag of sweets(or 3), so it was really refreshing to have conversation that wasn’t us just reminding each other to pack the school lunches or put petrol in the car.

I don’t know about you but our life’s revolve so little around each other and so much around our kids that we forgot how important “us” time was.

We had a really lovely 2 evenings doing our date box and would highly recommend it….I mean you don’t even need to get a babysitter and can do it in your pjs(yes I did 🙈) .

If you would like to find out more info about these amazing boxes, send them a little message on instagram or head over to their website

Thank you for having a read and don’t hesitate to ask any questions over on my Instagram if you have any ❤️


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