My wall pics

Hey everyone

As you will have seen from Instagram we were very kindly gifted 12 wall picture tiles from the people over at

Firstly let’s start with the website because if you are anything like me you require this to be easy and fast….

Firstly you are directed to the “get started” button.

Once clicked, the option to go to your photo library comes up straight away.

I clicked on this, picked 12 pictures I wanted and literally went straight to the checkout……yes it was that easy!

A couple of years back when canvas photos were all the rage I bought a few from different companies and spend more than an hour trying to figure out their websites, but with Wall pics you are lucky if I even spent 10 minutes….and most of that was me changing my mind about which pictures to choose.

I processed the order on the 19th of September and had my tiles delivered on the 28th, if you have ordered pictures or canvas frames before you will know they usually take at east 3/4 weeks.

I was instantly so pleased with the quality of the pictures, given that I had taken them with my phone and they were being blown up in size I really thought they would lose their quality but this was definitely not the case.

I mean look how clear that it 😍

We have been filling our hallway stairs with photos since we moved in so it was the obvious place to put them….the most complicated place but hey that’s what my husband is for πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ.

Altogether it took us around 50 minutes to put them up (by us I mean I stood watching and taking photos and he did all the work). It took us this long as we measured the gaps to keep them exactly the same and had to try and angle ladders to get close to the wall. I would say it probably would have taken us 20 minutes if we had picked somewhere else to put them.

So basically there are 4 sticky tabs on the back of each tile, you remove the label to reveal the adhesive part and then just stick to the wall…..yes thats it 😍

I am so pleased with how they look and can’t wait to get lots of compliments on them. It may possibly be the first thing I show people as they walk in the door πŸ˜‚.

I think they would make great gifts as look great individually or grouped together and given how easy it is to order them it takes the stress out of gift shopping.

I am all about ease of purchase and quick assembly and these definitely tick both boxes.

I highly recommend getting your own and what’s fantastic as the lovely people over at wall pics have offered my followers a lovely 15% discount with code BEINGTHEIRMUM15.

If you are interested in getting your own or having a look head over to and give them a follow on Instagram @my_wallpics

Thank you for having a read ❀️


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