Blairdrummond safari park ðŸ¦’

Happy Sunday everybody

I wanted to come on and tell you about our trip to the safari park.

If you haven’t seen our video of our day then here it is to have a look

Our day started with the lovely drive from Edinburgh to Stirling which took us around an hour, the scenery on the way is so lovely and we got a quick glimpse of the Kelpies when we passed through Falkirk.

When we arrived the park was very quiet so we went straight for a drive through the reserves in the hope to catch an early bird glimpse of our favourites…the monkeys.

I had heard from so many people that they climb all over the car and I just thought this would be the funniest things EVER so couldn’t wait, unfortunately(for us not the car) they didn’t make a dash for us but we did get some amazing views on them.

We also saw the beautiful lions, zebras and camels on our journey round and we were not disappointing with the outstanding close ups you get, I genuinely didn’t know what to expect as I’d never been to the safari park before, I was so amazed at just how close you are to these wonderful animals.

After having our drive round the reserves we wanted to visit the hallowild tent to see what activities they had…..we got there to see a lovely pumpkin patch first and were let by the loviest man who asked us about our day so far and told us about the cool stuff to do in the tent.

Tilly was very unsure of the scarecrows so wouldn’t pose for a picture…typical 🙈

Once inside the hallowild tent we were met by lovely staff who offered the girls a shot of making their own slime….Poppy’s absolute dream activity which we have been trying for months and can’t seem to manage ourselves…..

We then went over to have a shot of trying on masks over at the dress up area which was so much fun….

We were invited to find out about some mini beasts and then the girls got to design their own little beasties which Poppy loved, the girl who was telling us all about the critters was so amazing with the girls and clearly had a passion for what she was telling us…..

After having her picture taken on the HUGE chair we decided it was time for a quick play in the park before some lunch and more animal sight seeing….

The girls absolutely loved the park as there is so much to do for all ages, there is a huge wooden castle like frame with slides and rope ladders and little bridges, I’m not ashamed to say I had just as much fun inside.

There was also smaller climbing and slide areas for younger children which also included sand pits, swings for all ages and drive on tractors.

We decided because they weather wasn’t meant to be great not to pack lunch and just grab something when we were there so popped to the cafe. We were really pleased with the quick service and lovely food, the girls opted for chicken nuggets and pizza both of which came with some vegetables and chips which the girls loved. My husband and I opted for burgers which were amazing, they also have the most amazing sauce options….I mean you can’t have a burger without burger sauce can you?

After lunch it was off to see what else we could find…

We popped over to see the lions and the giraffes from the viewing platform. I managed to snap some really good close ups of the beautiful female lion which is definitely my favourite of the day.

here’s a couple more snaps of the animals we saw at the other side of the park, you can walk along next to goats and smaller animals and are able to view the tiger from another viewing platform, we were so lucky to get there just in time for the tiger walking around.

Unfortunately because we had to get back for the other children coming out of school we did not have time to see the sea lion show and to have a shot on the pedal boats but we loved the park so much we have decided to go back as soon as they reopen next season.

I can not recommend the safari park enough, we were greeted by so many lovely staff always smiling and ready to answer questions. The park itself was very clean and well taken care of and the animals were just out of this world.

Unfortunately they are not closed for the season but will re open again in March. If you can’t wait till then they have 2 pantomime shows coming up in December which you can find out more about over on their website.

We love love loved our visit and can’t wait to return in March….see you then monkeys, I’m desperate for you to jump on my car😂

Thank you so much to the lovely people over at Blairdrummond for gifting us our tickets for our amazing day out ❤️

Here’s some more pictures

Thanks for having a read guys and see you soon for our next post ❤️❤️❤️

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