Aqua wipes

Afternoon guys

So you may remember a while back is receiving some Aqua wipes, I wanted to pop on and give you my views on them and let you know how we got on using them.

When I am deciding on wipes I can be really fussy, I like them to be suitable for not just wiping dirty bums but for using on mucky faces, hands, toys and I like to use them on my own face for make up removal.

We received 3 packs of 64 wipes and 2 handy travel size packs of 12. This was more than enough to give us a real insight to the quality and ease of use.

Firstly I was so pleased with how much moisture was in the wipes, I’ve used wipes before where i have had to use 3 or 4 to remove the stickiness from the girls hands because they just didn’t cut it. With the Aqua wipes I didn’t have this problem at all, they are very wet! Because of this the wipes have lasted me much longer than any other wipes I’ve had….now they are a little more expensive than other brands but due to them lasting longer I feel they are worth the money.

Did you know it is recommended that during those first days and weeks after birth that babies skin should only be wiped with water and cotton wool due to the sensitivity of their skin and the chemicals in the wipes? Now this is all well and good as it’s best for your baby but man does that make for a very timely bum change…. the aqua wipes are more than 99.9% water which means they are suitable from birth, making new mum life so much easier. Let’s be honest the easier those days can be the better!

Unlike other brands the Aqua wipes are also biodegradable due to them having no plastic Particles. This is a huge positive which made me really happy to keep buying them. It is definitely time to be more aware of what we using and what effects the environment so I feel aqua wipes are fantastic.

I have been using them personally as well as on the girls as due to them having 99% purified water and aloe Vera extract they are great on my sensitive skin. I have suffered from eczema on my face since my teens and struggle to find face wipes and creams that don’t agitate my skin, so these have been a god send for me, they don’t dry out my face like other wipes and means I don’t have to use a bucket load of moisturiser afterwards as well…..another money saver!

These little travel size packs have been my favourite as I don’t always like to take a large bag out with me.

If you haven’t tried Aqua wipes yet I suggest you do, they are fantastic wipes that are not only great for our little ones bottoms but don’t hem the environment….win win.

These amazing wipes are available to buy in Boots and also on amazon! For more information head over to the Aqua wipes website where you can read more about them….

Thank you for having a read, I hope this review is found to be helpful in your wipe buying decisions ❤️

Nikki ❤️❤️

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