TumTum tots ❤️

Good afternoon my lovelies

Hope everyone’s having a lovely Tuesday so far.

Today id like to talk to you about a brand I recently came across and love….


I was kindly sent a few of their products to test out with the girls in exchange for an honest review…

Firstly we received these 4 nesting pots, if you are anything like me then Tupperware will be a stable of your life….I have a cupboard purely dedicated to tubs and believe life is simpler with them 😂

These lovely tubs come in 4 designs as you can see from the pictures above and due to the difference in size means I’m able to use them for all my snacking needs. Raisins in the small one, grapes in the next, crackers and cheese in the next and then in the big we have used it for sandwiches when out with the girls. Once lunch is over they just pop back in together and reduce the amount of space used! They are definitely a must buy for parents and they are much prettier than the normal bland ones.

Secondly we received this cute water bottle which is being used by Tilly, again a must have in life…

When I’m looking for children’s water bottles the main things I look for are 1. Ease of use and 2. The leak factor!

It’s a straw bottle so very easy for Tilly to drink from, it does have a tough( slightly stiff) lid but once I showed Tilly the proper way to open it a couple of times she soon got the hang of it. It’s not her favourite bottle due to it’s cute ladybug design.

I’m so pleased to say it’s completely leak proof, obviously if the lid is left open it will but if the lid is securely down it does not leak at all which means I’m able to throw it into a bag and not have to worry about it. I have literally tried every bottle out there and feel for Tilly’s age this is the best one we have had!

And last but not least we received this amazing plate, bowl and cup set which has quickly become Tilly’s go to for eating!

It’s a lovely cloud plate, half sun shaped bowl and a raindrop shaped cup with an easy grip handle. Tilly still doesn’t manage very well with a tip cup so Poppy has been using this instead.

The plate has deep edges which means Tilly is able to scoop the contents out with minimal effort. The bowl is great as she is able to hold it comfortable due to the moon shaped design and has been dropping her food a lot less.

Talking of dropping, the biggest selling point to me is how durable to plate, bowl and cup are, they are made from bamboo fibre which makes them highly durable….great for those naughty moments when your little one doesn’t want to eat 🙈, it’s been lobbed twice so far and has withstood the impact!

Im so glad we came across this brand and were lucky enough to test it out, I highly recommend them and will continue to buy from them in the future. They have a huge array of products suitable for a variety of ages. If you would like to find out more information about them and their products click the link below….


Thank you for having a read.

Nikki ❤️❤️❤️

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