Tot bag 🍁

Happy Friday guys

You will have seen from my Instagram stories that we were kindly sent a Totbox for the girls to try and review.

We received it through the door yesterday and couldn’t wait to get started.

The girls went off out to find their nature treasured with my mum who wanted to take part.

Here’s all the goodies they came back with, so much that I now have a bag of leaves for more pictures to do today.

The leaves and seeds were to be used to make a sun catcher, in the box you get a frame and 2 clear sheets of sticky plastic to stick everything together. There are crayons to colour in your frame but Poppy decided she wanted hers to be plain so that the leaves would stand out( I swear she is 15 πŸ˜‚) here’s a little picture of Poppy putting it together and our finished creation below…

It now takes pride of place in her bedroom.

Next we opened one of the goody bags to find the pieces to make a leaf mobile, there are 3 cardboard leaves in different shares and 3 coloured wool for you to wrap around each leaf. As soon as she started to wrap the wool around the leaf she said that it looked like all the autumn leaves that they had collected. Tilly didn’t quite manage to help with this one but was adamant to at least have a photo with the finished product πŸ˜‚

And the last part of the box was a kit to make a spider web and spider, unfortunately we weren’t able to find sticks sturdy enough for the web, we only managed to find twigs, so we will make the web once we find these, we did manage to make the spider though….

We had so much fun with our Tot box, it was really great for the girls to get out on an adventure and pick up leaves and berries that they loved the look of. They came back with an array of colours and textures and my mum said they had a great time finding them all. They loved using things that are so easily accessible to make their sun catcher and Poppy said that we have to make leaf pictures all the time.

It really encouraged us to get out the house which is the real basis behind these lovely boxes. In a world internet, gaming and pad mad it’s so nice to have something outdoorsy that the girls and me were excited to do together.

You are able to buy a one of tot box or you can subscribe to their monthly boxes. We love this idea as each box will give you ideas to keep going the whole month….I mean we are already setting up to make more leafy pictures.

If you want to find out more about these fab boxes get to their website where you can find out more about them.

Thank you so much for having a read and hope you enjoy your tot box ❀️❀️


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