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Welcome back guys

I wanted to pop on and give you guys a review on the Mia teddy we were sent from the lovely people over at My Hummy.

If you follow our journey you will know that Tilly suffers from broken sleep, she can often wake really upset and sometimes even cries out in her sleep.

When we were offered the My Hummy teddy i wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for her age but wanted to try as I know when she was a baby I used to play white noise to help her settle to sleep.

The fantastic Heart that you get with the My Hummy teddy’s play white and Pink noise, these noises help your little one stay settled and can sooth them to sleep by distracting from other noises. There are 5 different types of white and pink noise emitted from the heart and you can pick which one from the app on your phone or by double pressing the teddy’s face on the front of the heart. You can also control volume by holding down the teddy and turn of by pressing slightly longer than a single tap. It’s all much easier than I thought.

Here’s a picture of the fab little heart, there is a zip on the back of the MIA teddy and you pop it in. I then controlled it from my phone app….the volume, choice of noise, time in which it would last and also wether or not you would like to activate the sleep sensor….

The sleep sensor has been my favourite setting, basically it detects sound and turns the white noise on for your child, after the set time it will turn it off and can continue to do this all evening, for Tilly because she wakes in the night this setting made the most sense for us, she doesn’t often struggle to go to sleep but can get unsettled during the night. We have Mia set to emit the heartbeat white noise as this seems to be Tilly’s favourite, we also set it on the lower volume as when it was louder we felt it then engaged her attention slightly too much, but I think that may because she is older.

You can also set Mia to fade out after 60 minutes, so if your little one is struggling to get off to sleep at night you can put this setting on and then not have to re-enter the room to switch it off. If you would like to leave it on for your baby/child all night then there is the 12hour setting, we haven’t used this but can imagine it would have been a lifesaver when Tilly was a baby.

When you purchase the My Hummy teddy it also comes with this really great travel heart which is pictured below…

With the ring attachment to clip onto your car seat, buggy, cot or really whatever you would like to keep it on I thought this was great, it is also a teething ring for great for little ones still teething…thankfully Tilly hasn’t been teething for a while.

Although Tilly is over 2 and I was a little worried Mia would be wasted on us we have actually really loved reviewing it, she is obsessed with Mia and even though we don’t have the white noise on all the time the fact it can kick in when she wakes really takes the pressure off me and means I’m able to get a good nights rest. She goes to bed with Mia every night (she will not let me forget it) and even cuddles up with her during the day. She often asks me to put Mia’s heart beat on and can sit listening to it, it clearly soothes her more than I ever thought it would.

I would genuinely recommend this for mums with babies and children who struggle with sleep, it is the most simple idea but so brilliantly effective.

Not only is the product great we have had so much support from the lovely people over at My Hummy, they are there to answer any questions you may have and are such a caring company. It’s not often you find larger companies that actually connect with their customers in such a positive supportive way.

To top all of this off they have so kindly offered my followers a 15% discount code which is available to use for 2 days only….BEINGMUM15 go grab a bargain! With each purchase in December you will also receive a pair of Christmas socks for your little one….The cuteness 😍😍.

Head over to…

Thank you so much for having a read and I hope you love the My Hummy if you decide to get one for your bubba ❀️

Nikki xxx

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