Chewy moon

Hey guys and happy new year.

I’m back on with my first review of the year.

We were sent quite a few treats from the lovely people over at chewy moon and I wanted to tell you a little about them.

Chewy moon are a 100% natural ingredient snack company who make delicious boxes of goodness for little ones to enjoy. They have a variety of choices to suit everyone and are very reasonably priced.

We( yes I snuck a few) have been snacking on them for the past couple of weeks and I have been overwhelmed with the girls response to them. Tilly I never really worried about her liking them as she is a relatively good eater and will at least attempt most things put down to her, she hasn’t turned her nose up and any and quite often asks for more 😂. Her favourite are the cola flavoured raisins and i can confirm they do indeed taste like cola and smell AMAZING.

Poppy is a little more reluctant to try new things and has always been a fussy eater, after trying the vanilla biscuits she was hooked and was much more open to trying the rest, the only ones she doesn’t like as much are the raspberry fingers but has never been a real fan of raspberries anyway so I wasn’t shocked.

What I love most about these snack packs are they are small enough not to ruin their appetite for dinner but also curb that mid afternoon slump. Also because of them being small they are really easy to just take out and about, I throw a couple of packs in my bag so I have a go to when out and are great for keeping them happy in the car….I don’t know about anyone else’s kids but mine just love to make my life harder in the car 😂.

The Chewy look boxes come in packs of 10, you can choose 1 specific kind of snack or you can get a variety box, each box costs £5.99 which i think is really good considering they are 100% natural ingredients. They also come with collectible cards which both my girls love and play with all the time, it’s these little touches that I love about companies.

My girls have loved these snacks and I will be ordering more once all ours are gone, perfect for lunch boxes or just to have in the house….

I’ll even list the flavours here for you so you can have a think before going to order yours ☺️….

❤️vanilla biccies

❤️strawberry stars

❤️raspberry fingers

❤️mango fingers

❤️carrot and orange moons

❤️peach fingers

❤️apricot noodles

❤️cola raisins

❤️kiwi noodles

❤️melon fingers

❤️cherry fingers

❤️chocolate flapjack

❤️pizza breads

❤️cheese and baguettes

❤️cherry raisins

❤️popped cheddar

❤️popped Gouda

❤️apple flapjack

❤️cashew and peas

So as you can see there is a really large variety to choose from.

I would highly recommend these and hope you go get some for your little ones. I’ll tag the link below ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for having a read


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