Hey guys and welcome back

I wanted to pop on and Review a product we were sent from the lovely Victoria over at Splash about UK.

With being a swim teacher and also a mum I love to find products that the girls enjoy to use at home and at the pool.

We were sent the Splash about Poncho Towel to use and the girls have absolutely loved it, often fighting over it 🙈.

It mostly gets used at home as the ease of just throwing a poncho towel over one of them while I get the other out the bath is great, none of that wrapping them up and they either trip over or just drop the towel and run naked through each room soaking the place as they go 😂.

Here is my little Poppy modelling the towel after one of her Baths.

I thought I would include a little information that the Brand sent me as I thought it was great….

Splash About’s new range of towelling poncho’s are soft, super absorbent and made from luxurious natural cotton, designed to ensure toddlers and young children are warm and cosy after coming out of the water – whether it’s swimming in the pool or the sea or just out of the bath. The poncho has a generous hood designed to fully cover your child’s head, so it provides extra warmth when the hair is wet. It’s also highly absorbent, designed for drawing water away from the hair and skin. This is important because toddlers and young children feel the colder much quicker when they come out of the water, so it’s important they warm up and dry off quickly.

 Available in two designs; the powder blue Noah’s Ark with a bold orange lion, and Nina’s Ark with a striking zebra on a baby pink backdrop.


It really does do what is described, it takes most of the moisture from the girls which means all I have to do it give them a once over and pop on their PJs or clothes.

If you are on the look out for a great Poncho towel for at home or next to the pool I would really recommend this one.

I will link their website below for you to have a look and thank you for reading


Thank you


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