Turtle pack

Hi guys and welcome back

If you follow our page on Instagram @thescottishmum you will have seen we were kindly gifted a swimming aid called the Turtle pack for the girls to try out.

As a swimmer, swim teacher and mum I agreed to test it out and give an honest review.

This is what the Turtle pack looks like from behind, it is a thick turtle shell that has 3 attachments, a medium sized shell which is connected to the life vest, a further smaller shell which connects to the medium shell and then the large attachment which you can see above. Also all 3 laid out below… they are very easily taken off and put back on.

Above is the front and is a life vest type attachment that has 2 secure clips with the added parent button so that children cannot undo the clips themselves….pictures below

These clips are very secure and I got both girl to try to unclip themselves.

We decided to take the Turtle pack straight out today to try it out. I wanted to try it on Tilly first as she is still in the armband stage of learning, her orientation in the pool is still improving but she is yet to maintain a streamlined body position comfortably and often kicks with her legs still underneath her body (best described as a running motion). Straight away I could see the turtle pack wasn’t going to work for her yet as due to the structure of the pack it puts children into a very flat swimming position….now being flat in the water is ideal but as Tilly is still young and learning it made her struggle to lift her head comfortably for a breath and also made her struggle with balance which meant most of the time she was rolling from front to back.

I then wanted to put it on Poppy as she has been out of armbands for a while now and swims unaided comfortably. Straight away she thought it was fantastic and relished in the other children watching her paddle along looking like a turtle. Poppy is very comfortable lifting her head to breathe and also has great body position in the water so the Turtle pack just aided this perfectly. She did get tired after a while as like I said before it does make lifting the head to breathe harder work but she had it on and off for the hour we were in the pool.

I think the turtle pack is a fun alternative to armbands if used with supervision, However I would not recommend as a swimming aid for Teaching/ learning purposes as in my professional opinion children learn much more comfortably in armbands but this is just my opinion and other Teachers/parents may disagree. I would however recommend it to parents who’s children can already swim comfortably as Poppy found it very fun to use and is already excited to use on our next swim.

We really loved trying out the turtle pack and will definitely continue to have fun using it. It is unlike any swimming aid I have seen before and due to the life vest front and safety clips it is very secure.

If you would like to find out more information or buy your own then head over to https://www.turtlepack.com/shop/turtle-pack/

Here are a few more pictures of the girls having great fun in the Turtle pack ❤️

Thank you for reading

Nikki ❤️

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