Potty Training

Hi guys and welcome back

If you have been following us a while you would have seen we were gifted the Smart Reward Potty from Safety 1st and the PR company AzariaPR.

We have been trying to Potty train Tilly on and off since November so thought id come on and share my thoughts on the Potty… Pictured below is the smarts reward potty.

The Potty itself is really cool, it comes with some great features that include being interactive to encourage your child and praise them when they have done something in the Potty. The base of the Potty has a sensor which is great as no one really wants to keep looking into a potty waiting for your child to go so it sings a little song when they are complete which Tilly likes to sing along with. The base also has a removable bowl type section for you to empty the remnants (not sure how to say what’s inside nicely) out without lifting the whole Potty. It has a little flush pull for the children to do themselves which I thought was great for teaching them to flush after themselves and it comes with a build in area that you can dispense stickers for their chart.

Overall the potty itself is really great however there were a few things about it that put me off slightly… The seat and opening is very small and flat so a lot of the time when Tilly started to Wee it would come out the top and I would have to close her legs quickly to avoid more going on the carpet, there is a little insert to avoid that happening which helped hugely. She also found the seat uncomfortable so didn’t like to sit on it for long(she’s a slow goer) and this would lead to her wanting to get up and put her nappy back on.

I think the idea of an interactive potty is really great and over all it helped keep her focused on the task at hand but I would say she feels more comfortable now just going on a toilet insert, especially now that she is more capable. For the beginning of Potty Training the smarts reward potty is a great help and I would highly recommend.

Tilly is not fully potty trained yet and has found it harder to get the hang of than her big sister but I am confident she will get the hang of it soon, I will update you all when we crack it and i’d love to hear your success stories if you have them?

You can buy the smart rewards potty and other safety 1st products over on amazon or find them over on Instagram @safety_1st.

I hope this Review helps and as always the opinions shared are my own. Thank you for reading and keep your eyes peeled for our next blog.

Thank you

Nikki xx


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