The Food Shop

Hi guys and welcome back, or welcome if this is your first time visitin my blog.

Lets talk a little about food shopping….I dont know many people who actually enjoy the food shop, apart from getting some child free time its not really the most attractive activity and if I didn’t have to do it then I probably wouldn’t. Now I do know there are the online to door delivery services that shops like Tesco and Asda offer but we are a family of 6 so these shops just cant offer us the value for money like Lidls and Aldi. We are Lidl shoppers as its the closest to our home and I’m a creature if habit so like to stick to what I know….but the Lidls and Aldis of the world come with their own daunting problems…..The checkout!!

Shopping at Lidl is a little like deciding to become a mother, everyone tells you about how amazing it is but no one warns you about those times at 2 am when your child screams for 3 hours straight. No one had warned me about the checkout, no one warned me about the Olympic sport the checkout workers seem to be taking part in without letting us train to keep up. Beep….beep…beep beep beep beep meanwhile I’m sweating more than I ever have in my life trying to open my bloody bags that just continually want to fold and close between each item! I mean I get it, its all about getting you through the checkout as quick as possible but when I also have a 2 year old that wants to “HELP” and a checkout worker who doesn’t care about my imminent mental breakdown its just a mess….I get it Susan, you just want to have your break but I mean come on love!

So I think ive made clear that I dont like food shopping and I especially don’t like the checkout…..but what if there was something to make the whole experience a lot better? Well there is…

Today I wanted to review a product I was really kindly gifted by a company called Trolley bags Uk. Now you will probably have seen their product before and if not then I’m about to change your life.

Pictured above in the Trolley bag, is it is theeee best thing ever, I am not even slightly exaggerating. How it works is really simple, it is made up of 4 bags that are connected by Velcro, at the top of the bags there are solid poles through each one that enables it to sit on top of the trolley….pictured below is how the trolley bag sits upon the trolley while you shop.

After emptying your food shop onto the conveyer belt the trolley bag is then adjusted, it spans out over the entire trolley and due to the poles holding it up the bags do not fold down, one pull and the bags are ready to be filled. I wont lie, I had slight anxiety leading up to the checkout as I was unsure how easy pulling the bags out would be but I can honestly say it was the easiest thing ever. Below is a picture of the trolley bag unfolded and full of the food shop.

Because the compartments don’t fold and fall it meant I was able to separate my food shop into categories, normally I’m throwing things in with such force they barely make it home in one piece. The bags are also HUGE which meant I could fit so much in, I’m pretty sure I could have even done a full months shop instead of just the weekly.

To get the bags out of the trolley and into your car you just separate the Velcro and well that’s it really.

I know for a fact shopping is stressful, if you take your kids with you or even if you do it alone there is still a stress element when doing it so anything that can take the edge off is amazing to me. I couldn’t recommend the Trolley bag enough and think that every person, not just parent, should have one. I am so thankful to have been given this product and would not recommend it unless I truly enjoyed using it…..I think you get that I love it.

If you would like to buy your own or even just have a look they are on Instagram as @trolleybagsuk. I will put a link to their website in my link tree in my Bio. There are different options to choose from, we got the larger trolley inserts but there are bags for the shallower trolley and they also sell cool bags which will definitely be my next purchase.

thank you for reading and stay tuned for our next post.

Nikki xx

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