Little Brian paint sticks

Are you a craft loving parent? Don’t mind the mess of paper cuttings, glue and paint? Or are you like me…..a mess hater?

I don’t know why but I have never been a craft lover, I let my kids do it but I hover in the background picking up the scraps of paper and wiping their hands every couple of minutes…..ok seconds.

So when we were offered the Little Brian paint sticks to try and review I couldn’t say no.

The fact it says on the box “no need for brushes or water” already had me sold, considering all the paintbrushes we own are now just solid blobs of glue 🤷🏻‍♀️.

The sticks are very much the same as glue sticks, the same concept….screw the bottom and up comes the paint stick. You then draw with them like you would a pen and within 1 minute the paint is dry…..literally didn’t even take that long for me to run my finger over and have no residue!

The girls cannot get enough of these and we have already ordered the fabric ones to make some homemade t shirt designs.

These have helped me be the crafty mum I always avoided 😂. I would highly recommend.

Thank you for reading.

Nikki, Poppy and Tilly ❤️

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